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Lower Cape Cod

Harwich - Brewster Border 

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Pond Front in The Woods

 Enjoy every season around the Villa

Hike and Bike Enthusiasts

Cape Cod Villa is just a few minutes from the middle section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

 Harwich to Orleans, and offers the most scenic variety.

On this part of the ride, you'll cruise between Long Pond and Seymour Pond—and along Nickerson State Park.

Cape Cod Rail Trail FAQs

Where does the trail start and end?

The trail starts in Yarmouth and runs east through Dennis, Harwich (with a side loop to Chatham), Brewster, Orleans, and Eastham, endings in Wellfleet.

How long is the trail?

More than 25 miles long!

Is the trail flat?

The trail is flat with the occasional elevation change, so it's perfect for rookie riders and senior cyclists.


Can you go horseback riding on the trail?

While it is not permitted to ride a horse on the paved trail, from October to May, horseback riding is permitted on many Cape Cod beaches.

Can you walk on the Cape Cod Rail Trail?

Don't like bikes? Many visitors walk the trail instead. According to Rail Trail etiquette, cyclists are encouraged to signal when passing pedestrians.

Map of the Trail

If you want to look at the trail map, here's a link to one so you know where you're going.

Check out the Map

Parking for the Trail

If you're looking for access points to the bike path, we got you covered. In addition to these access points offering convenient, free parking, you can join the trail from Nickerson State Park or via the Old Colony Trail in South Chatham (a 3-minute drive from Handkerchief Shoals).

Access Points close to the Villa
Route 134 in South Dennis (there's also parking on Main Street in South Dennis)
Headwaters Drive in Harwich (an 8-minute drive from Handkerchief Shoals)
Route 137 in Brewster
Orleans Center



Nickerson State Park

If you don't mind the fee and want to park at Nickerson, you'll be spending $5 per Massachusetts Resident and $20 if you are a non-resident.

While paid parking might not be optimal for accessing the Cape Cod Rail Trail alone, it's a great idea for those also planning to explore the trails that crisscross Nickerson State Park.

Where can I get a bike rental for the trail?

If you haven't brought your bicycle, one central rental shop is near Handkerchief Shoals Inn.
The Chatham Hood Bikes is close to the Harwich access point, with a wide selection of bikes for every age and skill level.

The best hiking trails close to Cape Cod Villa

Hiking and walking spots on the Cape for those who want to enjoy the outdoors  - also suitable during the winter 


Bell’s Neck Conservation Lands. This place has 2.75 miles of trails, spots to launch kayaks and canoes, and lots of herons and ospreys. It's one of the best foliage spots on the Cape, with deciduous trees and salt marshes working the colors into a symphony.

William and Barbara Lang Hacker Wildlife Sanctuary and Island Pond Conservation Lands
Janet DeFulvio Wildlife Sanctuary Boardwalk
Coy's Brook Woodlands
Bluebird trail at Bank Street Bogs Sanctuary
Isabel Smith Monomoy River Conservation Lands
Bell's Neck Conservation Lands
Hawksnest State Conservation Lands
Thompson's Field


Morris Island Trail. Just the drive out to the Monomoy Island Wildlife Refuge visitor center is an excellent view of soul food. The trail begins with a few breathtaking vistas, then pops down a staircase and continues along a beach. An authentic Cape Cod, toes-in-the-sand kind of place.

Antenna Field Walking Trail (behind Chatham Marconi Maritime Center) Former Old Colony Railroad Right-of-WaySouth BeachMorris Island, TrailStrong Island Frost Fish Creek Trail, Barclay Ponds Trail, Cedar Swamp, George Ryder Road, South Trail


You'll be loopy with joy on the Cliff Pond Loop trail at Nickerson State Park, an epic 3.1-mile leg-stretcher with great kettle pond views and quiet woodland passages. The bonus is that the park stops collecting a parking fee at the end of October, so all that beauty will be free.

Punkhorn Parklands, Seymour Pond

TrailBoot Swamp

TrailCalf Field Pond

Eagle Point

John Wing Trail Spruce Hill, 

Nickerson State Park


Paw Wah Point Conservation Area
Bakers Pond Conservation Area


OKI Sushi  Forster Square Sushi Restaurant

2655 Main Street #16 Brewster, MA 02631

Fare and Just Kitchen: An Animal Friendly Kitchen

2628 Main Street Brewster, MA 02631

Ocean Terrace: 2907 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

refined dining experience against the stunning backdrop of Cape Cod Bay

The Brewster Fish House: 2208 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

Spinnaker Restaurant: Mediterranean restaurant

2019 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631

Apt Cape Cod:    food and music restaurant

2149 Rt 6A, Brewster MA breakfast too during the weekends

Woodshed: live music & drink 

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 8.36.43 PM.png

Our Guest's fav for
breakfast / Brunch 
Cafe Alfresco:  1097 Main St, Brewster, MA 02631


The Beacon Room: Italian-inspired fare (with a focus on fresh local seafood) in a classy-casual atmosphere.

23 West Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

Mahoney's Atlantic Bar & Grill: 28 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

Rock Harbor Grill: Tavern 18 Old Colony Way, Orleans, MA 02653

Land Ho: genuine Cape Cod hang out, with a charm and character all its own. 38 Main Street and, MA-6A, Orleans, MA 02653

Yardarm Restaurant - 48 S Orleans Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

Big Dog's Bbq at Orleans Bowling Center 191 MA-6A, Orleans, MA 02653

If you just want to stay at home just 


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